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Cardiac Output System

Using thoracic electrical bioimpedance, the PhysioFlow™ incorporates unique and patented signal waveform morphology analysis algorithm to measure cardiac output and other hemodynamic parameters, thus overcoming the accuracy problems associated with impedance baseline (Z0) measurements, even during maximal exercise. Its HD-Z™ high-tech filter stabilizes signals even under extreme measurement environments.
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Smart Therapy and Training

The ivo TRAINER is the only portable pull resistance system for coordination and speed training with articulated suspension which enables not only linear sprints but also lateral movements with constant resistance throughout the movement. This helps to significantly improve both inter- and intramuscular coordination.
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Smart FMD and IMT Measurement

Software for assessing early markers of cardiovascular risk !
Endothelial Function and Atherosclerosis
FMD (Flow Mediated Dialation) of the brachial artery is an established non-invasive method used to assess endothelial fucntion.
Cartiod Stiffness and Intima Media Thickness
IMT(Intima Media Thickness), a measure of the thickness of the artery.