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Cardiac Output System
Using thoracic electrical bioimpedance, the PhysioFlow™ incorporates unique and patented signal waveform morphology analysis algorithm to measure cardiac output and other hemodynamic parameters, thus overcoming the accuracy problems associated with impedance baseline (Z0) measurements, even during maximal exercise. Its HD-Z™ high-tech filter stabilizes signals even under extreme measurement environments.

Hemodynamics RedefinedTM

Signal Morphology-based Impedance Cardiograph(SM-ICGTM)

A new model Noninvasive Cardiac Output monitoring System !





Non-Invasive Cardiac Output System

- Reliable: Very direct measurement: accurate, reproducible and sensitive results

- Non-Invasive: Extremely safe for the patient

- Easy to Use: Straightforward operator training

- Cost Effective: Requires only 6 specific electrodes per patient





The results obtained include important cardiac and systemic parameters which are beneficial in many areas including :

- Heart failure management

- Hypertension

- Coronary artery disease

- Lung disease

- Exercise physiology

- Drug therapy follow up

- CRT pacing optimization