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Powrlink Sensor is an extremely compact device you can connect to your fitness equipment and which records and visualizes the force that is created during your workout. Simply hook it in-between the handle of a cable tower or other equipment and it’s go time! It continuously measures force data and shows it on your smartphone or tablet.

Powrlink Sensor is as small as possible so that you can take it wherever you want to go. It is so small that it fits into any pocket while offering load measurement of up to 120 kg.

Smart Portable Power checking Sensor





You can make complex movements measurable and adjust your training accordingly.

powrlink Sensor measures every movement and shows you the current resistance, weight velocity, and your overall workload in easily understandable numbers and a live graph. Invaluable information will be right at your fingertips.








The resistance curve of every rep will show you how you are performing. 

Is it very steep? Maybe you should perform each rep slower. Do the peaks not reach the same height later in the workout? Then you are not producing as much force. powrlink Sensor gives you information that no other device can.








Compare against your previous sets live and see how far behind (or ahead) you are from your personal best. 

After the workout you can deep dive into analysis of every repetition of every set. Compare the peak resistance and weight velocity of your exercises and your total workload across the whole training session.