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Physical Activity Monitoring System
Fibion provides considerable advantages compared to other research solution as it can accurately
measure both sitting, standing and different intensities of activity.

Smart Physical Activity Monitoring Sensor

Validated to track accurately sitting, standing, physical activity types and energy expenditure.






Advanced analysis algorithms and positioning of the device on the thigh instead of the waist or wrist gives considerably more accurate results especially related to sedentary behaviours and low-intensity physical activities. In addition to scientific accuracy, Fibion provides automatically produced and easy-to-understand reports for research participants.



Validated sitting, light, moderate and vigorous physical activity measurement

- Measure sitting and MVPA with with one device.


Validated total and activity type specific energy expenditure estimation

- Get an industry-leading, validated activity-specific energy expenditure.


Activity type recognition and posture allocation

- Measure different physical activity types, including standing and cycling.


Automatic feedback to research participants

- Increase adherence and contentment by providing a professional graphical feedback report for the research participants.


No buttons, versatile wearing possibilities

- Decrease participant burden with an easy measurement protocol and several wearing options.


Modern cloud-based analysis platform

- Get the results instantly without extra filtering or data cleaning procedures. Export minute-by-minute, hour-by-hour, or day-by-day results for further analyses.



Hardware Solutions

Colour: White

Weight: 20 g

Device dimensions [L x W x T ]: 30 x 32 x 10 mm

Operating time (fully charged): 20-30 days

Charge time: 2 hrs

Battery: Lithium polymer (rechargeable)

Battery low / charge indicator

Micro USB connector for data upload and device charging

Internal sampling frequency: 12.5 Hz

Measurement data: CSV-file of activity type durations and minute-by-minute activity-specific energy expenditures

Report data that can be sent to the participants as as a link or a PDF-file