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Smart Therapy and Training
The ivo TRAINER is the only portable pull resistance system for coordination and speed training with articulated suspension which enables not only linear sprints but also lateral movements with constant resistance throughout the movement. This helps to significantly improve both inter- and intramuscular coordination.

New Dimensions for Therapy and Training





Continuous resistance adjustment can be used for young athletes as well as for elite athletes. 

The system is also suitable for rehabilitation and prevention. It can be used for locomotor training and walking training in orthopedic and neurological rehabilitation.


Another highlight: The resistance system can be easily mounted on a wall mount as well as on a stand, so the ivo TRAINER can be used for indoor as well as for outdoor training.





- Continuous resistance adjustment

- Constant resistance

- Easy handling

- Multidimensional motion thanks to articulated suspension (180°)

- Cable travel: 22 m

- Training vest with shoulder harness for optimum speed training

- 360° belt for rotation and plyometric exercisese

- Patented brake system

- Indoor and outdoor use