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Computerized Neuro-cognitive Function Test
Cognitive System
Computer-aided Neuro-Cognitive Function Test Software Program.
Examination are performed with a maximum of objectivity, accuracy, and reliability.
Instruction incorporating learning loops and defind phases ensure that tests understand the tasks they have to do.
Reaction and response times are generally recorded and stored at item level.
Data obtained and related to the test subject's respond behaviour.
Auto evaluation of results and data collection.
Computerized Neuro-cognitive Function Test software
1) Digit Span consists of two parts: Digit Forward requires the subject to repeat sequences three to eight; Digits Backward sequences are two to seven numbers long, and the subject must say them in reverse order.

2) Visual Span Test
3) Auditory Continuous Performance Test
4) Visual Continuous Performance Test
5) Auditory Controlled Continuous Performance Test
6) Visual Controlled Continuous Performance Test
7) Crossover Test
8) Modality Shift Effect Test
9) Word-Color Test
10) Trail-Making Test
11) Card Sorting Test
12) Verbal Learning Test
13) Visual Learning Test
14) Hypothesis Formation Test
15) Finger Tapping Test
16) Coloured Progressive Matrices(CPM)
17) Standard Progressive Matrices(SPM)