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Balance Tracking System
Objective Balance Assessment and Training
The Balance Tracking System (BTrackS™) utilizes “Gold Standard” force plate technology to provide an accurate and reliable balance testing and training solution for medical and healthcare professionals. BTrackS™ Assess Balance software gives healthcare professionals a suite of standard and advanced protocols for objectively assessing and training an individual’s balance over time.

Balance Tracking System (BTracks)


The BTrackS™ Balance Plate is affordable, portable force plate technology that uses highly accurate sensors to determine the center of pressure and postural sway of an individual during standing.





Highlighted Features

- Highly Portable Design

- Light-weight (<15lbs)

- Built-in carrying handle

- USB power, no AC outlet required 







Assessment Protocols

1. Balance and Fall Risk

2. Weight Distribution

3. Modified CTSIB

4. Limits of Stability

5. Cervical Challenge

6. Single Leg Stance





Ttaining Protocols

1. Left / Right Targets

2. Front / Back Targets

3. Diagonal Targets

4. Random Targets

5. Target Tracking





Application and Use

- Fall Risk Assessment

- Functional Neurology

- Normative Balance Screening

- Vestibular Disorder Evaluation

- Biofeedback-based Balance Training

- Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation

- Asymmetric Weight Distribution

- Neuropathy Balance Disruption

- Traumatic Brain Injury

- Neuromuscular Re-education

- Orthopedic Evaluation