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The leader in objective measurement solutions.
ActiGraph is the leading provider of objective physical activity and sleep/wake measurement solutions for the global scientific community. Our innovative and extensively validated accelerometry hardware and software system delivers accurate, measurable insight into the real world physiological behaviors of subjects involved in a variety of research and clinical projects.
Hardware Solutions
Backed by more than a decade of independent scientific validation, ActiGraph physical activity and sleep/wake monitors are the most accurate and widely used devices of their kind. Our suite of Bluetooth® Smart wireless devices combine ActiGraph’s trusted measurement technology with a host of innovative features and real-time communication options to unlock the potential of your research project or clinical study.

Setting the standard for 24 Hour Monitoring
ActiGraph monitors, in conjunction with our innovative software platform, deliver objective 24 hour physical activity and sleep/wake measurements including:
- Raw acceleration
- Energy expenditure
- MET rates
- Steps taken
- Physical activity intensity
- Heart rate R-R intervals
- Body position
- Sleep latency
- Total sleep time
- Sleep efficiency

ActiGraph Device Features
ActiGraph’s suite of activity and sleep/wake monitors feature integrated Bluetooth® Smart technology and deliver a variety of advanced features, including:

Wear time sensor
An integrated wear time sensor uses capacitive touch technology to detect when an ActiGraph monitor has been worn for simplified compliance verification and data cleaning.

Mobile data uploads
Data collected by ActiGraph monitors can be uploaded to the web-based Study Admin Portal using a subject-facing companion mobile application for near real-time remote monitoring by the study team.

Proximity tagging
ActiGraph’s proximity tagging feature records the presence of other nearby devices, giving researchers the ability to track a subject’s interaction with their environment and/or other subjects.

Heart rate monitoring
ActiGraph devices deliver heart rate BPM and R-R intervals alongside physical activity measures when used with a compatible Bluetooth® wireless heart rate monitor.