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The revolution in training control and performance diagnostics !
Real-time feedback for immendiate adjustment of training intensity !
The science of using Muscle Oxygen (SmO2) monitoring helping athletes train and perform more effectively has advanced dramatically in the three years that the Moxy Muscle Oxygen monitor has been available. The data collection and analysis infrastructure to support widespread use of Muscle Oxygen monitoring has advanced to a point where training an entire studio of cyclists is now practical on a large scale.
MOXY Monitor

Muscle Oxygen Monitor(SmO2) and Total Hemoglobin(tHB) Measurement !

The revolution in training control and performance diagnostics
Moxy is a muscle oxygen monitor designed for athletic professionals and athletes.

Uses near-infrared (NIRS) spectroscopy to provide accurate real-time measurements of relative muscle oxygen saturation (SmO2). SmO2 can be used to increase training efficiency and effectivness.
Moxy is a new, exciting technology that significantly improves training support, training recommendations and basic understanding of exercise physiology.

Why you need the Moxy for your training:
- Direct, continuous measurement of oxygen saturation SmO2
- Real-time feedback for immediate adjustment of training intensity
- Small, waterproof, portable
- Wireless transmission of data
- Non-invasive, no blood, no masks