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EMG Test
Smart EMG System
Wireless System
Fully-featured Lab and Digital wireless research systems support all variations of Trigno™ sensors andauxiliary sensors and integrate with all major motion capture devices.
Wearable Sensors
Parallel-Bar Sensors established the foundation for unmatched signal quality consistency and reliability in present-day EMG Systems.

Wireless EMG System

A high-performing device designed to make EMG signal detection reliable and easy. The system is capable of streaming data digitally into EMGworks® or 3rd party software, or via analog channels for integration with motion capture and other 3rd party data acquisition systems. Full triggering features further expand the possibility for integration with additional measurement technologies.



Revolutionary EMG Sensor Technology 

Every Trigno™ EMG sensor utilizes patented technology to suppress noise and provide the highest quality signal possible. With a guaranteed transmission range of 40 meters, a rechargeable battery lasting up to 8 hours, and an intelligent sensor design, Delsys Trigno™ EMG sensors will give you the reliability and flexibility needed to get research-grade results.




Systems Integration

The Trigno™ Wireless System offers multiple ways to integrate with a 3rd party measurement technologies and synchronize data recording, expanding the communication path and delivering solutions for every specific needs.